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For Women

For many women, planning a financial future can be difficult and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Choose the professional who knows just how to help.

Prepare for your future with Sabrina Julian.

A plan made for women like you.

Whether you’re married or single, it’s vitally important that you understand where and how your money is invested. All too often I’ve spoken with women who find themselves unexpectedly single. For some of them, this might be the first time they are shouldering full responsibility for making decisions about their money management.

I’m happy to sit down with my clients and help the to learn about their options. Often clients will come to me with ideas about their investment choices, however they lack a written plan or cohesive goals. I will help you develop a clear pathway customized to your objectives and guide you along your journey to financial security.

Turning over the orchestration of your retirement plan, with all its many components and possibilities, could be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. If you’re ready to stop procrastinating and start building a plan for your future, I’d truly like to help. I specialize in helping women plan for retirement.

The Time To Start Is Now

If you’d like to speak with me in person, I’ll be pleased to meet with you. An initial meeting with me is completely free of charge, private and confidential. I’d welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, get to know you, tell you more about myself, and find out if we’d make a good team.

Culturally Diverse

As a member of the East Bay community, I have found that being bilingual is a beneficial “tool of my trade.” I am fluent in Spanish and I use this ability to better relate to my community and widely offer my services.

Don't Wander Through Alone

When can you afford to retire? How much can you spend each year during retirement and not run out? How do you manage your assets once you are retired? I can provide you with powerful, yet simple answers to your concerns. I help my clients create financial plans that work uniquely for them, and update plans as necessary, as goals and circumstances may change.

For many women, years of investing and accumulating assets through different retirement accounts have made it easy to lose track of where everything is. I can help by giving you and overview of where you stand. If you’re paying excess or unnecessary taxes due to an oversight, if your investments are too high-risk or your risk management insufficient, I’ll let you know.

At the end of the day, I want you to have the clarity and understanding of your financial assets that you deserve. Together, we can form an intentional plan that works towards where you need to be.

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Plan For Yourself

As a financial advisor operating my own business, my focus is always on what’s best for my clients. My recommendations are based solely on helping my clients realize their individual retirement objectives.

I enjoy building close relationships with each of my clients, listening to their life stories, and relating to them on a deeper, more personal level. I strive to understand their concerns, and provide the caring support and educational guidance they need to feel confident about their financial futures. For example, I can help clients find just the right “green” investments to help them continue planning for a socially responsible future.

Sometimes necessary change can be intimidating. I make any such adjustments as comfortable as possible by developing simple solutions to your most complex problems. As a result, changes are easier to implement and goals are easier to pursue.

A partner you can trust

To create a long-term financial plan and help you manage your money.

Dedication To Your Future

“The process of making money and making it grow has always fascinated me, and that’s why I’ve spent the past 15 years helping women plan for their financial futures. It’s very fulfilling when my knowledge and experience can help someone else pursue their goals. I take a comprehensive view of each client’s financial situation, and I’m passionate about guiding women towards success.”

- Sabrina

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