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Are you ready for retirements or will you outlive your money?

Carefully planning your retirement takes more than just saving money and some luck! You need someone who is a financial professional and provider of portfolio reviews, investing, understanding estate planning tools AND who understands that you and your financial goals are unique.

Welcome to Sabrina Julian Investment Services. It is my mission to help people just like you plan for retirement and beyond. I address each of my clients’ individual needs, whether they are in English or in Spanish!

My objective is to understand your financial needs and help you to meet your retirement needs through careful planning and investing at whatever level suits your situation best. I work hard to provide you with the information you will need to be “financially intelligent”.

If you are getting ready for an appointment with me, please click on my documents page. You’ll find some important information and a checklist you’ll need to fill out before we meet.

I understand that financial independence can seem like a lofty goal at times. I am so glad to have the opportunity to help you achieve your financial goals.